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"It's more then just clean, it's Protected"

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Making friends not paychecks

I am a husband to a beautiful wife since 1998. We have 3 amazing children. I am also a furry father to Romeo my gentle giant Rottweiler and Prince my king of the jungle Tabby cat. I have been in the auto detailing industry since 1997, where I began my detailing career at Brasher's NWAA. From a detailer I was promoted to manager. Taking the skills I learned from the auction industry I struck out on my own and started my own business in 2000.  

High Pride Detail is a true passion for me, shy of an obsession but a passion non-the-less.  I believe in honesty and integrity first and foremost. This business is not about quantity but high-end auto detailing and quality.  As a home owner and a car owner I know a vehicle is the second biggest investment most people will ever make. My job is to keep your investment intact and maintain its value.  Most people admittedly avoid taking proper care of their vehicle until it's too late or time to sell it. A well maintained vehicle would not only maintain it's value but also increase quality of life in respect to your opinion and comfort in your vehicle.  

Here at High Pride Detail our motto is: "It's more than just clean, it's protected" because the reality is, here in Oregon, it will not stay clean for long, we love our road trips, we love our kids and we love our furry family members (pets), so having a properly protected vehicle will keep the life of it, long lasting, so that you, like me can take pride in what you drive. 


It's more than just clean, it's protected

Many people, when looking to get their vehicles detailed will spend hour researching, making calls, but generally with one thing in mind, Prices! How much does it cost?

To me it's simple. Most of the time you will get exactly what you pay for. Do you want a cheap detail, or do you want a good, high quality detail? Do you want it done right, or simply right now? Good takes time, and time is not cheap.
Do you want your vehicles pampered by someone who does it with pride and love, or by someone trying to get it in, get it done and on to the next car, because of an extensive overhead. I offer exclusivity, which allows me to keep my overhead low and quality high. 

I promise two things, I WILL NOT be the cheap shop in town, but I will be one of the really good shops in town. Obviously I do this work to pay the bills, but I also do it because I love what I do, I want to make friends, not pay checks, and I promise when you pick your vehicle up, it will be as close to new as I can get it.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. One major way of doing that is to provide the convenience of free pick and delivery or the use of my courtesy vehicle at no extra cost.

Living Hero Discount 15%

Often times, our real heroes are overlooked, we look at celebrities and athletes and for some reason consider them, Heroes, I DO NOT! My Heroes are the men and women risking their lives every day or somehow pushing through their day to help make your day better. 

My Living Heroes: Military Veterans, Police Officers, Fireman and Woman, Nurses, Seniors over 63.

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